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On Time Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We promise to arrive on time or you will receive the labour portion for free.

Terms & Conditions

Due to the uncertain length associated with most jobs Pool Geeks Brisbane usually offers time windows rather than specific booking times. In order to be eligible for this guarantee you must be given a specific time or time window for a service or job.

'On time' in this guarantee is defined as within 20 minutes of a specific booked time. This means that we will arrive by the time specified or up to 20 minutes after this time. For example, if we specify a time of 10:00am, we promise a latest arrival time of 10:20am.

Alternatively, if we give you a time window (such as 12pm-2pm) 'on time' is defined as arriving within this window. The time required to complete the job may extend beyond the indicated times.

'Labour portion', or the portion of the bill that is subject to discount through this guarantee will not exceed the labour portion quoted in booking or the expected amount of time based on information provided at the time of booking. 'Labour portion' covers labour charged for any work that has been scheduled at the time of booking. If any unplanned or unquoted additional work is performed this will be charged at a standard hourly rate.

For services not covered by an hourly rate, such as a full service, the labour portion is defined as the full price of the service. If the service includes parts or chemicals these will be charged at the regular price.

Concession Discount

Details of offer

Pool Geeks Brisbane may, at it's discretion, offer a discount to those customers who are unable to, for reasons of physical impairment, maintain their pool or spa. In general this offer is maintained as 5% discount off the full retail price of labour and services. This offer does not extend to chemicals, parts or other non-labour products.