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Our Story

About Pool Geeks Brisbane


Pool Geeks Brisbane is a local pool company with a focus on providing great service and products. Business owner Matt began working in the pool industry in 2008 when he moved to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast. Working for Instyle Outside pool shop in Macgregor he helped reduce costs and make pool ownership more affordable for many local pool clients.

In 2013 Instyle Outside shut its doors and became the mobile-only business Pool Shop on Wheels. Unfortunately health and family forced the owners to close up in 2016 and Matt took over as business owner of Pool Geeks Brisbane.

Since founding Matt has worked hard to streamline the business, making pool ownership easier and more affordable for everyone, whilst also working to reduce the environmental impact.

Honesty & Integrity

We recognise that many pool owners don't trust pool shops and technicians. We seek to build relationships of trust with our clients by keeping prices fair, not selling unnecessary products and explaining our processes and reasoning.


We build on a long legacy in the Brisbane pool industry and look forward to the future by seeking environmentally friendly and sustainable products wherever possible. We buy products in bulk packs to cut down on packaging and reduce prices for our clients. We also recycle as much packaging and expired equipment as we possibly can to ensure future generations are able to enjoy our great Brisbane climate and natural beauties.


We look to utilise the innovations that new technology brings, while weighing them up against tried and tested methods, techniques, and technologies. When valuable improvements come along we happily welcome them and pride ourselves on keeping up to date with new industry advances.


Though we love to keep things up to date, we understand that owning a pool can be expensive and do what we can to keep those costs to a minimum. You can rest assured that we are constantly looking into the value for money that you get from products we sell and will only recommend products that we trust.


Pool Geeks Brisbane is a strong supporter of diversity and strives to develop an inclusive workplace and a culture of respect for clients and employees. We welcome people of all ages, genders, sexualities, faiths, and ethnicities.