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Robotic Cleaners

Eco Clean Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Eco Clean™ range of robotic pool cleaners deliver top-of-the-line performance with the absolute minimum in effort and hassle. They scan and map each pool to provide a superior level of pool cleaning - making life easier for every pool owner. You and your family will have more time to enjoy an inviting and clean pool when using a model from the Eco Clean™ range of robotic pool cleaners.

Thorough pool surface cleaning 

Front and rear brushes efficiently clean your pool surface leaving little or no need for you to manually brush your pool.

Improve filtration and circulation in your pool 

Exclusive, dual-level filtration system ensures a dust and debris-free pool, without clogging, resulting in improved clarity and circulation throughout your pool.

Reliable performance and ease of use 

Advanced technologies deliver electronic scanning and thorough cleaning efficiency in minimal time. All you need to do is put the Eco Clean™ robotic pool cleaner in your pool and remove it when your pool is clean. Leaving your pool not only clean, but also free from hoses and equipment so you can really enjoy your pool.