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At Pool Geeks Brisbane we understand that commercial pools require a higher standard of care than the average backyard pool. If a pool is not maintained properly it can lead to sickness or injury to users and guests. At Pool Geeks Brisbane we maintain high standards for our services and keep industry-leading, detailed, and accurate records so that you can meet your health & safety obligations.

Customisable Services

We offer completely customisable services for all our clients. Our services are focused on maintaining your pool, not only while we are on site, but in between services as well. We focus our attention on ensuring your equipment is able to meet the daily, and even hourly, demands placed upon it by a large number of swimmers and the varying conditions placed upon it throughout each day.

Planning Ahead

By identifying maintenance issues and equipment faults before they cause trouble, we ensure these can be planned and managed to minimise down-time and interruption to pool users.

Industry-Leading Systems

We work with some amazing brands and manufacturers to offer industry-leading chemical dosing and monitoring systems to ensure that you can track your pool chemistry all the time.

Water Analysis and Service Reporting

Over the years, we have found that the available analysis and reporting software has been too basic and doesn't account for varying factors and systems. Most don't even record the temperature or water level - two variables that significantly impact on chemistry requirements.

As a result, we have developed our own in-house water analysis and reporting solution, which analyses your pool water based on your pool system and the unique and varying conditions of your pool. This allows us to minimise the use of unnecessary chemicals while still maintaining the highest level of safety necessary to protect swimmers and pool users.

Operator Training and Guide

To help you protect pool users and guests and to help ensure you are meeting industry regulations and safety requirements we can also offer easy-to-understand training and develop a maintenance schedule for your pool system.

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For more information about your responsibilities please see the following resources:

QLD Health Water Quality Guidelines for Public Aquatic Facilities

QBCC - Swimming Pools

Local government swimming pool safety guideline

Brisbane City Council

National Health & Medical Research Council Guidelines for Managing Risks in Recreational Water

Royal Life Saving Australia Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation