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Focus Aquashield 3

Focus Aquashield 3
3 in 1 Specialty Chemical: Cell Protection - Scale Controller - Metal Magnet
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Aquashield is a 3 in 1 specialty chemical. It assists in the removal of calcium scale build up on the surfaces of pools and equipment and prevents build up recurrence, acts as a metal magnet ensuring metals remain suspended in the pool water solution aiding in water clarity, and keeps calcium build up on cells soft .

Active Constituents:

Selected Anionic Polymers

Directions for use:

Predilute the required dose in 10L of water then broadcast across the pool surface

General Information:

Regular additions of Focus Aquashield 3 will limit the three main problem areas where the formation of calcium and magnesium based scale plus metal staining occurs. These are specifically:

  • Salt cell where cacium buld up on the cell will decrease the production of chlorine gas
  • Pool Surfaces & Equipment where combined water hardness forms in time a hard scale which is unsightly on pool surfaces and can damage/interfere with the operation of pool equipment.
  • Surface staining where oxidisation of minerals in the water source or introduced in low quality salt added to the pool can cause staining

The polymer in Aquashield 3 meets the 1995 ANSI/NSF Standard 60: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals Health Effects

  • Prevention of scale and build up on pool and equipment surfaces
  • Cell protection through softening of calcium build up
  • Prevents metal staining
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